Seriously, is this going to be a thing?

I just keep running across pictures of these two that really kinda freak me out!

Ooh, question though, is he worshiping her or the popcorn?

Nice not-dress, Megan. Ooh, I needs a new tag. Weird thing is I swear I wasn't looking for this one- ran across this on the Best Week Ever blog. It has nothing to do with me and Tammy's new fitness plan, which involves papering our refrigerator with pictures of Megan Fox in her underwear and holding them there with those word magnet things. You know, the kind that you use to spell words? Only in German, so double the creepy! So every time we open the fridge and see Megan Fox pouting at us, we might think twice about throwing that falafel ball in the microwave.

It's done wonders for us and our already steep and unrealistic bodily self-images (my roommate is the personal trainer who works out all the time). And we only threw them up yesterday! Now for my breakfast of fat free fiber-O's and soymilk.
Doi d'doidoidoidoidoidoi!

Since today shall doubtless prove to be mighty and uneventful...

The letter 'r' on my keyboard is mad at me today. Borrowed this from liliaeth.

Ask me a question about one of my fanfictions. It can be absolutely anything in any fic and I will tell you the honest-to-god answer. Don’t hold back. Ask about major upcoming plot points if you want to. Whatever you ask, I have to answer truthfully.

I will warn you in advance if my answer contains major Spoilers and give you a chance to back out. If you then decide that you still want to hear my answer,I'll white it out and you can highlight.

Think carefully before asking a question. You might not want to have it spoiled as badly as you think you do (for that matter, I might not want to SPOIL it as badly as you want it spoiled.)

Hmm... I may answer with a grain of salt, though. Maybe I can figure out how to answer with spoiler text.

Thought for foods

Fandom Secrets: Read Secret # 60

Granted, I didn't really get into the fandom until around... October.  I'd spent the months in between the release of the movie and starting writing Naturalized more or less trying to talk myself out of it.

But... am I missing something?  I seem to recall those interim months being no more active than they are now.  If anything there seems to be a tendency now to put G1ness  into movieverse, which I'll admit bugs me a bit, but beyond that...


Oh, snap!

Edit: We got wank, people! Below link has lead to wank! And people are telling me that fandom is not only an acceptable but even favorable venue to get their socially relevant observations/agendas across.

Alanis Morrisette? This? Is irony. That said, I still think panties in a twist over 'pimping' is ridiculous.

On the one hand: Don't use the word 'pimp'. It's bad.

I think I've been a little oversaturated with issues of race and gender in the media in my time, which makes me kind of sensitive to when other people do it. After all, while you could say that half my college time was just the watching of movies, really it was the watching for subtext... of movies. Which makes me a little more knee-jerky to certain things than most.

That said, to say that use of the word 'pimp' when, well, pimping things is propagating a horrible and misogynist word? We're going into hypersensitivity riggoddamndiculous land now.

On the other, an essay written a couple years ago about philia love, or what we might call 'Romantic Love.

Ah, thank God it's not just me.

Sometimes it seems to me that for a lot of people, fandom is a more mentally acceptable avenue to find romance novels. Personally when I see these epic sprawls that star Scott Summers and Warren Worthington I see little more than a passionate book cover with a Scottish Laird and his virginal miss (oftentimes from the present day). Women are bizarrely super-subjective, and this, I think, is where the whole 'shipping' phenomenon comes from. It's nice to get swept up in an epic romance and all, but doesn't it make more sense to get swept up in a romance with characters you already know and care for?

That said, I do not get shipping. I never got it, I don't get it, I never will. At. All. It is an alien thing to do for me, and it makes absolutely no sense.

I don't really have anything against shippers, but I still don't get it. I've always been way more interested in a concept than something I already know is going to happen, and we've seen the formation of the couple. I don't care if it involves two chicks, two dudes, two space robots, it's still pretty much the same old formula we've seen since Hitchcock birthed his priorities on the world. Now when said pairing is something different and challenging? Sure, I'm there, but you have to admit, 98 times out of 100, it isn't. But, also converse to the majority of fandom mentality, I perceive sexual relationships as damaging WAY more often than I perceive them as helping, so given the extensive damage our characters already have to contend with, throwing sex in the mix is only going to fuck people up more.

Which could be interesting, granted, but shit, the thing's already ... really damn long!

In a way, however, I almost feel like I'm cheating with how I set up inter-Cybertronian relations (and therefore Cybertronian-human) in that there really is absolutely no way to categorize it in terms of human relationships. It's a form of intimacy that goes way beyond physical, but at the same time not only is it not erotic, it's also purely cerebral, and, perhaps to add another layer of weird, most often practiced between 'siblings' (Though I see Derek Zoolander speaking here: "They were like brothers to me, but not like literal brothers. Like brothers the way black people mean it!") And, most importantly, they don't practice that troublesome monogamy concept. So, right off the bat, that pretty much makes them safe for the human characters, and we don't have to worry about reading signals wrong. Well, except Wheeljack, but that comes later, and besides, he's special.

So I suppose you could argue for pairing-ness with some of the stuff I've written, especially with Wheeljack and Percy, and Percy and Miles, based purely on the way their relationships function, but really, if we're not putting things in a human 'pairing' context, what other context would we put it in? I guess that's up to the reader! To me, it's sort of a pairing, but I would never list it as such, purely because I kind of hate fandom bureaucracy (if that makes sense), and none of them are the traditional monogamous sexual relationships that we've come to associate with the word 'pairing'. It is philia, deep and passionate, and despite a certain ... bereftness of penises. (Gasp!)

That said, whenever I've attempted fics before that explored relationships, invariably it has been the philia that I focused on, not the eros, and perhaps that speaks to my preoccupations personally, but it also makes me strangely anomalous, both in fandom and in our culture at large. This must speak to some sort of deeper disruption in my psyche, because I do get kind of irritated when people have wholly positive connotations with sex. Haven't they listened to Loveline?! But moreover, don't they observe the people in their own lives? Maybe it's just the unfortunates I surround myself with, but I once did a rundown of all my close female friends; more than half have been sexually abused in some way. And not the kind that eventually leads to healing sex and one true loves. Not once in any of those cases, I daresay!

I think I've done way too many twelve page essays. I feel like I need to have a conclusion for this epic... livejournal post. Well, this I'll say, Book Three of Tricolora deals largely with the sexin's (totally alien territory for me writing wise), and I will make conscious effort to have a balance of Good as well as Bad. I even solemnly swear for some of the new, female characters to totally not get raped! In fact, no rape period! At least the conventional kind.
Miles is... pensive? Alert? Hungry?

That darn meme!

I decided to try and do that music meme that everyone's been doing, and, well, ba-boom.  Perhaps not-surprisingly, most of the song prompts ended up being not very fandom/Transformers related.  But basically this is what comes out of my mind at stream of consciousness music prompting with no proof reading or editing.  Quite frankly, I'm amazed that there's nothing about robots vs. dragons in here.

Edit: I should mention that basically the premise of this meme is to put your iTunes/whatever on shuffle, and then write the first thing that pops into your head until the song's over, then stop.

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